What is Scriptcase?

January 14, 2015 Vinícius Muniz

Scriptcase is a development tool for generating PHP applications. It was developed by Netmake in the year 2000 can be used on Mac, Windows and Linux operating system. It acts like a platform for developers and allows them the use of a graphical interface directly through a web browser. Scriptcase also helps developers to create online application. It is a web based platform and can be installed in servers in the internet.

The key features of Scriptcase are as follows:

PHP forms

Script case can be used to create CRUD (Create, Read, Update and Delete) applications. It also enables to add custom code to manage business rules and validation. Scriptcase lets you create forms in PHP, ranging from simple forms to forms having high level of complex elements.

PHP editable Grid

The Grid element helps to edit multiple records simultaneously. It provides the developers a feature to create rich master detail applications with much ease.

Dynamic PHP reports

The Scriptcase development tool provides an effective way to show date and helps to create PHP efficiently and in a faster way.

Custom code, macros and libraries

Application created with the help of scriptcase can be enlarged by adding custom code or by using Scriptcase macros.

Searching, Arranging and Browsing

Scriptcase permits the final user to search, arrange and browse data, systematically.

PHP Master detail

Scriptcase also has a visual method to generate master/detail forms and reports using AJAX.

Extended Database support

Scriptcase is compatible with most used databases like Oracle, DB2, ADO MS SQL and many others.

Compatible with RTL (Right to Left) writing

Support right to left writing prevalent on Arabic languages.

Barcode field

Scriptcase can be used to generate many types of barcode fields in forms and Grid application.

JavaScript and AJAX features

Permits you to develop JavaScript methods that can be used within the AJAX events and create applications with AJAX through a set of features and services with easy and fast hand coding.

JQuery support

Scriptcase allows developers to create auto-complete listboxes, radio buttons, navigation, calenders, calculators and more.

Security feature

Scriptcase protects the created applications by imposing a set of security features in which you can easily create your own security rules.

Creating of multiple applications simultaneously

Scriptcase enables to create multiple applications in a few steps.

Data exportable to many different formats

Reports created can be easily exported to many output formats such as HTML, PDF, XLS, XML and many others in a simple way.

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Vinícius Muniz
Vinícius Muniz

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